A Framework-based Exploration of Typologies for Climate Governance: Lessons Learned from Edinburgh Climate Commission

Sarah Bryant (2024)

Climate Commentaries: A Collection of Articles for the Place-Based Climate Action Network (PCAN)

Kate Lock and Candice Howarth (Editors) (2024)

Turning up the heat: learning from the summer 2022 heatwaves in England to inform UK policy on extreme heat - Evidence report 

Candice Howarth, Niall McLoughlin, Andrea Armstrong, Ellie Murtagh, Sara Mehryar, Anna Beswick, Bob Ward, Srinidhi Ravishankar and Adeline Stuart-Watt (February 2024)

Climate change in the East of England: enabling institutions

This report was produced by Martin Mahony, Andrew Kythreotis, Candice Howarth, and Asher Minns. Published by The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (published 1 November 2023).

How do UK citizens perceive the co-benefits of climate action?

This report was produced by Neil Jennings and Pauline Paterson from the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London (published 30 October 2023).

On multi-level climate governance in an urban/rural county: A case study of Surrey

This report was produced by Erica Russell and Ian Christie from the University of Surrey (published 25 October 2023).

Enabling Place-Based Climate Action in the UK: The PCAN Experience

A PCAN report by Candice Howarth, Jamie Brogan, Brendan Curran, Millie Duncan, Sam Fankhauser, Andy Gouldson, Alice Owen and Adeline Stuart-Watt (published 19 June 2023).

Net Zero: Local Authority Powers

This report was produced by Dr Dan Barlow, an Associate of the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute. It has been jointly supported by the Edinburgh Climate Commission, the Scottish Cities Alliance and PCAN (March 2023).

Evaluation of the impact of PCAN-supported Climate Commissions - Final Report

Rhona Pringle, Denny Gray, Mary Anderson, Lucy Harbor, CAG Consultants (February 2023). 

Yorkshire and Humber Climate Action Plan

Gouldson, A., Harcourt, R., Lock, K., Duncan, A., and Sudmant, A. Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission and ESRC Place-based Climate Action Network (10 November 2021).

The Economic Benefits of Local Climate Action

Researched and produced by the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action, Queen's University Belfast and the Place-based Climate Action Network for UK100 (October 2021). Report authors: Sean Fearon (Queen's University Belfast), Prof John Barry (Queen's University Belfast and Belfast Climate Commission) and Kathryn Lock (University of Leeds, PCAN).

Trends in Local Climate Action in the UK

A PCAN report by Candice Howarth, John Barry, James Dyson, Sam Fankhauser, Andy Gouldson, Kate Lock, Alice Owen and Nick Robins (published 18 March 2021).

PCAN Net-Zero Carbon Roadmaps

Three Net-Zero Carbon Roadmaps have been published by PCAN for Belfast, Edinburgh and Leeds.

Climate Assemblies and Juries: A People Powered Response to the Climate Emergency

Research by Shared Future CIC, funded through the PCAN Fund (August 2020)

Turning words into action: How Community Municipal Investments can create a new sphere of civic engagement that will galvanise local action in the fight against the climate emergency

Research by Abundance Investment, funded through the PCAN Fund (23 June 2020)

A blueprint for accelerating climate action and a green recovery

Signatories: Ashden, Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Transport and Planning (ADEPT), Friends of the Earth, Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment (Imperial College London),  Greenpeace UK,  London Environment Directors’ Network (LEDNet), Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) at LSE, Solace (22 June 2020)

Climate Commissions as a Stimulus for Place-Based Action: An Evidence Synthesis from Existing UK Case Studies

Alice Creasy, Matthew Lane and Rosanna Harvey-Crawford (2 March 2020)

UK Research on the Social Science of Climate Change: A Synthesis of ESRC and Related Investments

Sam Fankhauser, Ana de Menezes and Nina Opacic (Published: 9 September 2019)

Financing inclusive climate action in the UK: An investor roadmap for the just transition

Nick Robins, Andy Gouldson, William Irwin, Andrew Sudman and Jame Rydge (Published 1 October 2019)