Yorkshire and Humber Climate Action Plan

Gouldson, A., Harcourt, R., Lock, K., Duncan, A., and Sudmant, A. (10 November 2021). Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission and ESRC Place-based Climate Action Network

The Economic Benefits of Local Climate Action

Researched and produced by the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action, Queen's University Belfast and the Place-based Climate Action Network for UK100 (October 2021). Report authors: Sean Fearon (Queen's University Belfast), Prof John Barry (Queen's University Belfast and Belfast Climate Commission) and Kathryn Lock (University of Leeds, PCAN).

Trends in Local Climate Action in the UK

A PCAN report by Candice Howarth, John Barry, James Dyson, Sam Fankhauser, Andy Gouldson, Kate Lock, Alice Owen and Nick Robins (published 18 March 2021)

PCAN Net-Zero Carbon Roadmaps

Three Net-Zero Carbon Roadmaps have been published by PCAN for Belfast, Edinburgh and Leeds. See this page

Climate Assemblies and Juries: A People Powered Response to the Climate Emergency

Research by Shared Future CIC, funded through the PCAN Fund (August 2020)

Turning words into action: How Community Municipal Investments can create a new sphere of civic engagement that will galvanise local action in the fight against the climate emergency

Research by Abundance Investment, funded through the PCAN Fund (23 June 2020)

A blueprint for accelerating climate action and a green recovery

Signatories: Ashden, Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Transport and Planning (ADEPT), Friends of the Earth, Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment (Imperial College London),  Greenpeace UK,  London Environment Directors’ Network (LEDNet), Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) at LSE, Solace (22 June 2020)

Climate Commissions as a Stimulus for Place-Based Action: An Evidence Synthesis from Existing UK Case Studies

Alice Creasy, Matthew Lane and Rosanna Harvey-Crawford (2 March 2020)

UK Research on the Social Science of Climate Change: A Synthesis of ESRC and Related Investments

Sam Fankhauser, Ana de Menezes and Nina Opacic (Published: 9 September 2019)

Financing inclusive climate action in the UK: An investor roadmap for the just transition

Nick Robins, Andy Gouldson, William Irwin, Andrew Sudman and Jame Rydge (Published 1 October 2019)