PCAN Advisory Group Members


Lord Deben (Chair)  Committee on Climate Change

Polly Billington (Vice-Chair) UK 100

Tatiana Bosteels Hermes Investment Management 

Simon Bowens  Friends of the Earth

Mike Davies  University College London

Bruce Davis  Abundance / Green Finance Initiative

Jen Hooke  30 Percy Foundation

Andy Kerr  Climate KIC

Rishi Madlani  RBS

Carly McLachlan  Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) and University of Manchester

Paula McLeay  Edinburgh City Council

Nick Molho  Aldersgate Group

Dame Susan Rice  Scottish Fiscal Commission

David Surplus B9 Energy

Lizzi Testani, Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Sharon Turner   Independent Expert, Climate Change Legislation and Governance

Jan Webb  University of Edinburgh


Meeting dates

  •  5 June 2019, Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, LSE, London
  • 11 March 2020, Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, LSE, London


Terms of Reference

  • To advise on general strategy for the Network, in order for it to achieve its overall objectives; acting as a critical friend in relation to the overall shape, academic direction and relevance to policy and practice of the research programme;
  • To support the Network in its impact generating activities – offering advice on the development of the impact strategy; supporting the Network in engaging with key audiences and potential users of the research; offering pathways into user groups;
  • To act as ambassadors on behalf of the Network, attending its key events and networking with key players/audiences on its behalf;
  • To advise on action to be taken on specific aspects of the Principal Investigator (PI) activities, and areas where the responsible ESRC Committee or the PI identifies a lack of appropriate progress or anticipates future difficulties in a project's achievement of its objectives;
  • To advise on other aspects as referred by the PI to the relevant ESRC Committee. These may include, for example, proposed modifications to the programme of work, budget, or specific communication and engagement activities;
  • To comment on the draft Annual Report before submission to the relevant ESRC Committee/Funders group who in turn act on behalf of the ESRC to monitor the activities of the Network;
  • In exceptional circumstances, to communicate directly with the relevant Committee/Funders group on any matter arising from the other terms of reference or related issues raised by an ESRC officer;
  • To attend the biannual Advisory Group meetings. Where members cannot physically attend, the Investment PI will offer alternative facilities (e.g. tele- or videoconferencing, Skype);
  • In addition to providing advice, members of advisory groups are encouraged to take on an ambassadorial role, promoting the Network and networking on its behalf where feasible and appropriate.  Members have an important role to play in generating impact – as such they are encouraged to take an active interest in the Network, for example attending conferences and other communication events;

  • Members may, from time to time, be requested to set up small sub groups to address specific issues – this, of course, will be entirely voluntary

  • Membership of Advisory Groups will normally be reviewed after three years, however there is an expectation that members will serve for the full five years of the Network’s strategic plan;

  • The role of member is unpaid but the Network will reimburse members for all reasonable costs that they incur in fulfilling their roles on the Group (e.g. travel and subsistence costs).