What are Climate Commissions?

Climate Commissions are city-wide partnerships bringing together people from the public, private and civic sectors who work collaboratively with the local authority to help drive climate action. Commissions are independent advisory groups and do not have a governance role.  Read our briefing note, What is a local Climate Commission?

The first climate commission was established in Leeds in 2017. Read more about the structure of the Leeds Climate Commission and how it was set up.

Under PCAN, two further Climate Commissions have also been launched, in Belfast (January 2020) and Edinburgh (February 2020).   

PCAN aims to produce a replicable model for other places to establish their own commissions, and we are delighted to welcome three new climate commissions to our wider network, a county-level one (Surrey Climate Commission) one for a borough (Croydon Climate Crisis Commission) and, most recently, a new city commission in Lincoln

We are also pleased to support the work of the Doncaster Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Commission through our business platform lead, Dr Alice Owen.

What could your city do? Check our map of the UK showing infographics for breakdowns by city, LEP and local authorities for places to reduce energy bills, save money and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

If your city is interested in starting a Climate Commission, please contact Millie Duncan, Policy Fellow, Leeds Climate Commission.