Policy briefs and summaries are listed here and available in the downloads below:

Enabling Place-Based Climate Action in the UK: Recommendations from the PCAN Experience - A Summary Report by the Place-Based Climate Action Network (PCAN). Howarth, C; Brogan, J; Curran, B; Duncan, M; Fankhauser, S; Gouldson, A; Owen, A; Stuart-Watt. A. (2023)

Enabling Rapid Climate Action: The experience of local decision-makers by Andy Yuille, David Tyfield and Rebecca Willis (March 2021)

Policy Summary: Trends in Local Climate Action in the UK  by Candice Howarth, John Barry, James Dyson, Sam Fankhauser, Andy Gouldson, Kate Lock, Alice Owen and Nick Robins (March 2021). Download the full report from this page 

We've declared a climate emergency, now what? Summary of key takeaways from a PCAN Roundtable (4 March 2021; part of the LSE Festival 2021: Shaping the Post-COVID World)

What is a local Climate Commission? by Andy Gouldson and Kathryn Lock (June 2020)