This page presents outputs from the work of four COP26 Fellowships that are funded by UKRI and were offered through PCAN. The Fellows are embedded in the work of the COP26 Universities Network.

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News story: COP26 Fellows' work will inform Glasgow summit

Rebecca Ford

Jessica Omukuti 


Harriet Thew

  • Presentation: Strategies for net zero (for Climate Exp0, with Lucy Martin, EPSRC; Rebecca Ford, University of Strathclyde; Thomas Hale, University of Oxford; Jessica Omukuti, University of York) 
  • 18.02.21 - RYCA (Regional Youth Climate Assembly) workshop: gave presentation on “What is COP” and ran a workshop on “Climate Change Education and the UNFCCC’s Action for Climate Empowerment.
  • 17.04.21 - Ripple Effect workshop 1: co-organised workshop and gave a presentation on “What is COP and how can youth engage with it”
  • 24.04.21 - Ripple Effect workshop 2: co-organised workshop, supported and facilitated youth exchange between youth in UK and SA on climate change topics (water, agriculture and transport)
  • 14.04.21 - Facilitated the English Language break-out group in the UNFCCC’s first Expert Group meeting on Action for Climate Empowerment
  • 22.04.21 and 23.04.21 – Helped to coordinate the COP26 Student Ambassador Takeover of the University of Leeds’ Instagram
  • 02.07.21 – Presentation: “How can youth engage in climate action” at the University of Leeds’ Social Sciences Summer School
  • 10.07.21 – Ripple Effect workshop 3: co-organised workshop, presented on “The Science Bit - What the Social Sciences tell us about Climate Vulnerability and what this means for Youth Voices at COP26”.


Thomas Hale

  • Presentation: Strategies for net zero (for Climate Exp0, with Harriet Thew, University of Leeds; Lucy Martin, EPSRC; Rebecca Ford, University of Strathclyde; Jessica Omukuti, University of Strathclyde)