Climate Resilience, Social Justice & COVID-19 Recovery in Preston

Tuesday, 17 May, 2022 - 11:00 to 13:00

A PCAN-funded research project dissemination event

In 2019, Preston City Council, Lancashire County Council and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) all approved the declaration of a Climate Emergency, recognising the urgency of implementing organisational and place-based climate action. Alongside this organisational commitment, there is a growing community-based movement for climate action in Preston.

Preston City Council, UCLan and other anchor institutions are committed to the ‘Preston Model’, implementing Community Wealth Building using local economic assets and co-operative approaches to reap real benefits for citizens, communities and organisations.

The ‘Climate Resilience, Social Justice & COVID-19 Recovery in Preston’ research study has been funded by the ESRC-supported Place-Based Climate Action Network (PCAN). The project has explored:

  • how recovery from COVID-19 can translate into practice the rhetoric of ‘build back better and fairer’ and create innovative and transformative opportunities for climate action – examining how disruption from one threat might galvanise momentum to address another
  • the intersection of Community Wealth Building, Doughnut Economics, and place-based climate action, considering the benefits of an integrated city-based approach to fostering human flourishing within planetary boundaries.

Aims of Event

  • To share findings, learning and recommendations from the ‘Climate Resilience, Social Justice & COVID-19 Recovery in Preston’ research study.
  • To explore opportunities to draw on our collective experience of COVID-19 to accelerate collaborative place-based climate action, drawing on insights from alternative economic models.

Overview of Programme

  • Findings and recommendations from the PCAN-funded ‘Climate Resilience, Social Justice & COVID-19 Recovery in Preston’ research project.
  • Panel conversation and Q&A session
  • Keynote talk: ‘Addressing the Climate & Ecological Emergencies: The Case for Place-Based Climate Action & Doughnut-Shaped Community Wealth Building’ by John Barry, Professor of Green Political Economy, Queen’s University, Belfast and Mary McManus, Independent Researcher.

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