The Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) has released a guide to how to make - or in this case, 'bake' - a climate commission.

The Climate Commission Cookbook is a handy leaflet with simple step-by-step instructions for people wanting to follow the model developed by PCAN for its suite of place-based climate action platforms.

The Climate Commission model originated through the Leeds Climate Commission in 2017, prior to PCAN commencing. It was the inspiration for two further core commissions, in Edinburgh and Belfast, run through PCAN, and sparked many more similar local, city-based, or county-wide partnerships. These were brought together through the PCAN Plus Network.

In 2021, the first-ever regional climate commission, for Yorkshire and the Humber, was formed with support from PCAN.

While the five-year funded PCAN network has now formally ended, interest and demand for information on how to create climate commissions has continued. The PCAN Climate Cookbook was developed to serve that demand.

Download your Cookbook - and use the recipe to create your own climate commission!